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Tue 03 July 2018

Awesome Python Podcasts

Posted by Simon Larsén in Programming   

Whenever I find myself occupied with some monotonous task, I very much enjoy listening to podcasts. As programming is my number one passion, and Python is my favorite language, I tend to listen to podcasts that relate to them. In this post, I'll give a brief overview of my three favorite podcasts, and just why I enjoy them as much as I do!

Python Bytes

Python Bytes was the first podcast I ever listened to. It's a really neat show that comes out on a weekly basis, and focuses on delivering news and headlines in the Python community. The best part about the show is that they highlight awesome Python packages and tools that I would not have heard about otherwise. The episodes are fairly short, usually around the 20 minute mark, so they fit in even on a short commute. The episodes have, as far as I can recall, been published every week without fail for almost two years now, which is really nice. The hosts (Brian Okken and Micheal Kennedy) have great chemistry, and the show is recorded with decent enough equipment and well edited. All in all, I really enjoy the show and highly recommend it!

Talk Python To Me

Talk Python To Me is Micheal Kennedy's (from Python Bytes) own show. In each episode, Micheal invites someone (sometimes multiple people at once) from the Python community to come talk about what they do. The episodes are fairly lengthy and often reach for the 1 hour mark, but they are also mostly entertaining throughout. As with Python Bytes, the episodes are well edited, meaning that awkward pauses and the like shine with their absence. Talk Python To Me is probably my favorite podcast right now and I can't recommend it enough.


_Podcast.__init___ is very similar to Talk Python To Me, seeing as both shows revolve around inviting prominent personalities to talk about their work. I haven't listened to all that many of the episodes, but I really enjoyed the first 7-8 episodes. Initially, the show had two hosts, but in the later episodes one of the original hosts is conspicuously abscent, which to me was to the detriment of the show. It's still a good show, mind you, but I enjoyed the early episodes more than the few late ones that I've listened to. The length of the episodes seem hover around the 1 hour mark, +/- some 20 minutes. I will probably revisit this post once I've listened to a few more of the episodes, but as it stands I recommend listening to the show from the beginning.

Did I miss something?

Those were my 3 top picks for Python podcasts. If you feel like I've missed some great podcast(s), feel free to drop a comment!