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Mon 29 April 2019

Git local

Posted by Simon Larsén in Tip of the Week   

Nowadays, Git is almost ubiquitous in software development. Most developers also know that Git is a decentralized version control system, meaning that every copy of the repository carries the full revision history, and there is no "central" repository. A consequence of the decentralized aspect of Git is that you can …


Tue 09 April 2019

Reverse search in bash

Posted by Simon Larsén in Tip of the Week   

Have you ever found yourself furiously tapping the UP-arrow (or ctrl+p) to find a command that's probably waaaay up there? Would you be surprised if I told you there's a better way? When you want to re-use a command you've written previously, and you know it's not the previous …


Sat 06 April 2019

Migrating my blog

Posted by Simon Larsén in Blog   

Edit: The migration is complete! The Flask-based site has been retired and this Pelican-based site is fully fleshed out with the old content :)

I'm currently in the midst of migrating my old blog over here. Until I'm done, both sites will be a bit half-baked, sorry about that!