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Thu 13 June 2019

Technical e-books from Humble Bundle

Posted by Simon Larsén in Tip of the Week   

Another Tip of the Week, in the same week as the previous one (because I've been slacking off). This one is very simple, and rather non-technical. I simply want to direct attention toward, and their quite frequent book bundles. Many of these book bundles include or are entirely centered around programming topics. I've gotten tons of great books from there over the years, and it can really pay off to keep an eye on the new bundles. Typically, the top tier of a book bundle is around 15-20 EUR, while most books in it cost more alone. There have been general programming bundles, hacking/security bundles, Python bundles (a lot of them), Linux bundles, and much more. A few of the best books I've gotten from Humble include:

And many, many more! Really, all I want to get said with this TOTW is that you should really keep an eye on Humble Bundle, as their book bundles contain tremendous value, and you can choose to put some (or all) of the money you pay toward charity. And that's all there is to it!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Humble in any way, I am simply a long-time user of the service.