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Mon 24 October 2022

Introducing my Wiki!

Posted by Simon Larsén in Blog   

A while ago, I decided that I wanted to have a low-effort way of recording what I learn out in the open. When I publish a blog post I feel compelled to keep the standard of the writing on a fairly high level. I've started dozens of articles that I never published because I couldn't massage them into a state that meeting my own standards. And that's not even counting the hundreds of articles that I never even started because it seemed like too much of an effort to record a tiny learning experience.

This strongly goes against the Record What You Learn an Share What You Learn patterns from Apprenticeship Patterns; two patterns that I value highly. Enter the Wiki!

My public Wiki

The Wiki can be reached from the menu bar at the top of the page. Here, I jot down quick notes about what I learn, what I have yet to learn and anything else that I feel is worth recording. The quality of the writing will range from poor to worse, and it'll be haphazardly organized, at least initially. I hope to turn this into a wealth of knowledge both for myself and for others in the coming years.

Why not use an established Wiki software?

Although there are several open source Wikis out there, such as XWiki, they're usually quite heavy and require a backend. This site is a static site, which is very cheap to host and requires no particular security considerations due to the lack of a backend. I quite like those properties, and I'm currently adapting the templates for this site to better suit my Wiki ambitions. This first rendition is rough, but it suits my current needs, and improving upon it as my Wiki grows wll be an interesting challenge.

Searching the Wiki

The Wiki is indexed along with the rest of the site and can be searched using the search bar on the home page. In other words, you can search for anything on this website through that single search bar!

Going forward

I intend to keep improving the wiki. As the amount of content grows, I expect to have to improve the layout, cross-document linking and other related features. I'm very excited to finally get around to this as I've been thinking about it for a long time. Even though I do hope others will find it useful, it's mostly for my own gain, and I'm confident it will serve me well.