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Thu 09 September 2021

RepoBee at ITiCSE and SIGCSE 2021!

Posted by Simon Larsén in Blog   

Another year, and a few new papers published on my favorite project: RepoBee. We made a hat-trick and appeared at ITiCSE 2021 for a third year in a row (see ITiCSE 2019 and ITiCSE 2020), but this time we managed to sneak in two papers. One paper that I presented detailed RepoBee's double-blind peer review, and the other paper that was presented by my colleague Tobias showcased the repobee-sanitizer plugin. Amazingly, the presentations won both "Best Presentation" awards for their category.

We also made an appearance at SIGCSE with a 20-minute demo and Q&A. The teaser trailer for the demo is available here. The demo itself was essentially that, but less compressed and a little more elaborate. It was followed by a nicely active Q&A, where we made some new connections.

All my publications can be found on the Publications page.